Why You Need To Outsource Instead of Bootstrapping + Googling

When it comes to your business, how many times have you thought “I’ll just Google it”?

So you do. And promptly fall down a wormhole of contradictory or outdated advice, poorly-written how-tos, and some very long Youtube tutorials. You emerge, two days later, more confused than when you started.

We’ve all been there. When you’re starting out and on a tight budget, DIYing seems to make sense. Experts and consultants are expensive and you’re smart! Surely you can figure it out! Even when you’re incredibly smart and capable, there are still situations where bootstrapping and Googling aren’t the answer.

Here are 5 reasons you should bring in help.

1. You’ll save tons of time executing

Let’s say you want to start SEO optimizing your posts. You could spend an entire day watching Youtube tutorials, reading (and re-reading) FAQ pages, poking around your dashboard … and still not quite getting it. Instead of moving forward, you panic and do nothing. And then you do more nothing for another month.

Now imagine paying an expert $200 dollars to do the exact same thing. In a few days, you have the end result that you want and you got to spend that time doing something you enjoyed and were good at!

2. It closes sales gaps

When it comes to our businesses and websites, most of us can’t see the forest for the trees. When we look at our websites, we see our headshot and our most recent blog post but we don’t see the holes in our strategy or the ways we could tighten and improve our sales process. We don’t think to add a call-to-action on our About page. We don’t realize that we can promote our newsletter in more than one place. We don’t think to update our testimonial page.

A fresh pair of professional eyes can see all of this, point it out, and give us suggestions for ways to improve it.

3. Even coaches have coaches

Hilary Rushford is a personal stylist, business coach, and the CEO of a company that 7x its revenue in 2015. She has two business coaches of her own. Most psychiatrists have their own therapists; masseuses get frequent massages. Celine Dion has a voice coach! It’s not weak or unprofessional to seek outside insight; it’s smart.

4. There’s power and momentum that comes with having help

If you have to complete and coordinate every aspect of your launch - all the social media updates, the promotional images, the webinar, the course-specific opt-in - you’re going to be tired of your product before it’s even on sale. It’s hard to maintain enthusiasm for your book when you get waylaid by editing and proofreading every few pages.

Bringing in help allows you to keep moving forward, rather than getting bogged down in the details.

5. The confidence that it’s done right

Sure, you’ve read several blog posts about how to write effective sales pages, but we all know that can’t really compete with a professional copywriter who has a decade of experience. When you outsource to a seasoned professional, you can rest easy knowing that things will go the way they’re supposed to go and convert the way they’re supposed to convert. It’ll free up your mind and time to focus on other things!

Have I convinced you? If you need help implementing your content plan or stress-proofing your content, I’d love to help!